helping families


Pediatric Occupational Therapist | 17+ years

Helping children and adolescents to achieve their daily occupations including self-care, school and play by focusing on developing confidence, self-esteem, social skills and general wellbeing.

Pediatric Sleep Consultant | 10+ years
Providing family support for newborns through age three as an early interventionist.


B.A. Early Childhood Special Ed. | 24+ years
23 years of experience with children whom have special needs including autism, Down Syndrome, prematurity, ADHD, neonatal absence syndrome, feeding disorders, orthopedic concerns.

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Night Night Sleep Tight is a pediatric sleep consulting business that works with families throughout the United States!  Heather Cartier is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Certified Sleep Consultant through the Center for Pediatric Sleep Management.


You might not realize it, but sleep is one of the most important jobs that a young person has to carry out. In her professional role, Heather often found herself providing lots of sleep advice to the families she worked with.

On a personal note, she also devoted a lot of time to getting her own two children on a healthy sleep course. Heather has extensive knowledge about child development as well as coaching caregivers.

She accommodates different parenting styles to create a realistic sleep plan for your child and family. Her sleep training philosophy involves listening to your concerns and your parenting style to create a gentle sleep plan that your family can trust. And one that never asks you to ignore your child’s needs.


Heather enjoys spending time with her two children, her husband and her crazy dog as well as cooking, reading, hiking and the beach!



  • A baby ready to party when you're ready for bed?
  • A catnapping little one?
  • Nursing and bouncing your baby to fall asleep?
  • A child who wakes frequently during the night?
  • A bedtime routine that seems to take forever?
  • A battle at bedtime with your little one?
  • Difficulty transitioning from a crib to the bed?

night night sleep tight consulting can help!


 CONSULTATION ($200 Value)

The Consultation is a 15 minute phone call to better understand your child's sleep concerns and determine how to best address your concerns at no cost to you.


Explore sleep consulting services that help families get the sleep they need to live a healthy and well-rested life.

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Connie P.

We are so grateful for the help and support that Heather gave us to get our 2.5 year old’s sleep schedule back on track.  We had made it through other children’s sleep regressions but never struggled like this before - he refused to stay in his room at bedtime without someone lying next to him and would wake up and come find us if we snuck away.  The tactics we had used before didn’t work anymore.  We discussed our challenges with Heather and she put together a comprehensive sleep plan for us. 


We were able to talk through our questions and concerns and, once we committed to the plan, Heather provided much-needed daily support to keep us motivated and accountable.  When challenges would arise, she'd help us troubleshoot and make adjustments as necessary.  After a couple of weeks, he has started going to sleep on his own and sleeping through the night!  We really feel like we've gotten a fresh start and feel more empowered to keep reinforcing good sleep hygiene, with many thanks to Heather for her invaluable advice and support through this process.

Allison A.

My friend Heather Cartier has launched a new sleep consulting service and I can vouch from personal experience how wonderful she is! She listens and helps develop personalized plans that work best for both parents and child. Jimmy is finally sleeping in his own bed independently for the first time in months! Hallelujah  Rosie is next! Heather is amazing and I wanted to share for all my sleep-deprived mamas. Get the help….I wish I did it sooner! 

Anne K.

We’ve been working with Heather to get our 5-year old’s sleep habits on track. The sleep plan she put together for our son is hard work, but she gives us the daily support and motivation we need to stick to it and achieve consistency. Our son has made incredible progress and he is no longer dependent on us to lie next to him to fall asleep, he is sleeping through the night regularly, and he is excited to be more independent in other steps of his bedtime routine, too! Heather is accessible, kind, positive and willing to switch gears and individualize to my kid’s needs and personality. She is unerringly persistent when we need a boost of motivation. Her deep expertise shines when I pepper her with questions. I am really looking forward to continuing to work with her to improve my daughter’s sleep too! I wholeheartedly recommend Heather’s services.