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Pediatric Occupational Therapist | 18+ years

Helping children and adolescents to achieve their daily occupations including self-care, school and play by focusing on developing confidence, self-esteem, social skills and general wellbeing.

Pediatric Sleep Consultant | 10+ years
Providing family support for newborns through age three as an early interventionist.


B.A. Early Childhood Special Ed. | 25+ years
23 years of experience with children whom have special needs including autism, Down Syndrome, prematurity, ADHD, neonatal absence syndrome, feeding disorders, orthopedic concerns.

Heather H Cartier, MA OTR/L



Night Night Sleep Tight is a pediatric sleep consulting business that works with families throughout the United States!  Heather Cartier is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Certified Sleep Consultant through the Center for Pediatric Sleep Management.


You might not realize it, but sleep is one of the most important jobs that a young person has to carry out. In her professional role, Heather often found herself providing lots of sleep advice to the families she worked with.

On a personal note, she also devoted a lot of time to getting her own two children on a healthy sleep course. Heather has extensive knowledge about child development as well as coaching caregivers.

She accommodates different parenting styles to create a realistic sleep plan for your child and family. Her sleep training philosophy involves listening to your concerns and your parenting style to create a gentle sleep plan that your family can trust. And one that never asks you to ignore your child’s needs.


Heather enjoys spending time with her two children, her husband and her crazy dog as well as cooking, reading, hiking and the beach!



  • A baby ready to party when you're ready for bed?
  • A catnapping little one?
  • Nursing and bouncing your baby to fall asleep?
  • A child who wakes frequently during the night?
  • A bedtime routine that seems to take forever?
  • A battle at bedtime with your little one?
  • Difficulty transitioning from a crib to the bed?

night night sleep tight consulting can help!



The Consultation is a 15 minute phone call to better understand your child's sleep concerns and determine how to best address your concerns at no cost to you.


Explore sleep consulting services that help families get the sleep they need to live a healthy and well-rested life.

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Is your child over tired and seem more difficult to get to sleep?

Request a FREE copy of my Sample Month-to-Month Nap Schedule to learn more about wake windows and why they are to key to helping your child sleep well.

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Mother and Baby



Erin M.

Heather is seriously a life saver! My 10 month old was still waking up to nurse 3X a night and I was hardly getting any sleep. With just a few simple suggestions, the wakeups started to get less and less frequent within a short period of time. Now my daughter is sleeping 11+ hours straight nearly every night and I haven’t had to nurse her in the middle of the night in a while. Heather also worked closely with me to develop a plan that met what we felt comfortable with and didn’t force any methods on us outside of that. I highly recommend her for any of your sleep needs!

Amanda P.

Thank you for helping us create healthy sleep habits for Callie and us! I'm loving my alone time in the evenings after she has gone to bed by herself and is sleeping! We went from dreading bedtime to having a great routine!

Kim R.

We worked with Heather for our 3 year old who was having major sleep issues after we got rid of the pacifier and moved him to a big kid bed. He was scared, making us lay with him until he was asleep, waking up in the night needing us, and up at 5am. Heather took the time to get to know him/us, developed an individualized sleep plan that worked for our family, and was there with us every step of the way to help us implement it. While a lot of sleep principles are things you may know, to have Heathers tips/tricks, daily support and guidance was pivotal to our success in giving our little guy the gift of sound sleep! She has a wealth of experience and knowledge and was accessible through text when we needed her. We are so happy to say that our little guy can fall asleep on his own now and sleep through the night! We no longer dread bedtime. Best thing we could do for him and for us!


Heather dramatically changed my daughter’s journey with sleep (and our family’s). We are so grateful to have found and worked with her. Our daughter was waking every 1.5-2 hours consistently and in a matter of a week we were getting the longest stretches of sleep in over two months. She has only improved from there and is now giving us 7-8 hours of consecutive night sleep. Heather offered multiple approaches based on our comfort ability and was available beyond her hours to check in and be a sounding board to all of my questions: big, small, random, weird. Her background in child
development through being a pediatric occupational therapist made us feel so much more at ease with the process and offered so much more insight beyond the typical sleep consultant. She was an amazing resource, support, and friend. She is personable, kind and is very passionate about sleep and infant development. I will continue to recommend her to anyone that will listen. My husband and I are truly thankful to have met her!

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